Living in Europe was fun, while it lasted...

...but we moved to Texas, for about a year, before moving on to L.A.

We left L.A. in September of 2007 and we are now living in Lillian, AL, a small town about 10 miles west of Pensacola, FL.

I am currently living the "good life" and enjoying my retirement from 24 years of federal service to the U.S. government.

I am STILL, however, a member of the Army Reserve, and will be, until 2016.

For Sandie and I, life in L.A. now means "lower alabama" or "Lillian, AL."

Justin and Abbie have recently found employment in Gulf Shores, AL and are in the process of finding a suitable dwelling in the

local area. Then they will relocate there, permanently.

Sandie & I will never regret our time in Europe and hopefully we'll return for a visit one day.

For now, we are both retired and ....

and we love you all!...Gail

(P.S. Thanks to Randy Newman for the background music "I Love L.A.")

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